Privacy Policy

VGO Tours Pvt. Ltd. is committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information for the purposes of enhancing your experience with VGO Tours, providing you with a more personalized vacation, or as required by the nature of your travel arrangements or by the applicable law. On no occasion shall we sell, trade or rent your information to a third party.

The privacy statements herein contains our policy as to what we collect of, how we collect, why we collect your personal information, and how your information is used by VGO Tours Pvt.Ltd.

What of, how and why we collect your personal information?

When you contact VGO Tours at our website and/or email and/or phone and/or in person at one of our offices, we may ask for your name or/and email address or/and phone number or/and your post address or/and your company information if applicable, so that we could keep in touch with you and provide you with the requested information.

When you request VGO Tours to assist with suggestions to or customization of your travel, we may ask for your personal travel interests and other personal information so that we could propose a suitable travel itinerary for you such as your health conditions, the budget for your travel, the possible restrictions such as those related to religion, diet, medication.

When you make a decision to book our service(s), we may ask for information that is required for your travel arrangements and for the payment. We will also ask for the details of your travel insurance and the contact details needed in case of emergency. VGO Tours will ask for all the needed information required by the applicable law which may arise from your travel with us.

After your trip with VGO Tours, we may have a feedback form for you in which we ask for your evaluation of our services, your post-trip impression with us and with our travel arrangements and your possible trips in the future. VGO Tours only does this to enhance the services for our general travellers and possibly be of more help to you next time if we have the opportunity to do so.

Who do we pass your information to?

At VGO Tours Pvt. Ltd. , only authorised staff are allowed to access our clients' personal information. Each of our staff has a different computer account which is password-protected and password-protected screen-saver. The flow of information in and out of our computer system is closely monitored and all of our staff are well-informed of data protection, customer privacy protection and that their work on the company's computer is monitored and doing private work on the company's computers is not allowed.

VGO Tours do need to provide your passport details as well as your other details which is needed to the involved authority if we take on your visa arrangements or if your travel is in the area that requires us to do so by the applicable law and/or regulation.

VGO Tours do need to provide your details such as those related to your passport, health, diet insurance, religion to our supplier(s) which is required by the nature of your travel or by the applicable law applied to such supplier(s).

Your consent

By disclosing your data to VGO Tours Pvt. Ltd., without regard to the form of disclosing, you consent to our use of your information in accordance with our privacy policy as stated herein.

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